2018 – Unity, New Beginnings, Double Blessings

“For out of His fullness [the superabundance of His grace and truth] we have all received grace upon grace [spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, favor upon favor, and gift heaped upon gift].”

John 1:16 AMP 


Hey!  I have great news for you!  As the end of each year comes near, I begin to look into the Bible numerology so I can have some kind of an idea of what to expect from the coming year.  When I was doing my research for 2018, I became really excited!  The body of Christ has not seen as great of a year as this in quite some time!

In the Bible numerology, you will find that the number 1 means “unity”, which will mean the body of Christ will start coming together, and broken relationships will be mended.  The number 8 means “new beginnings”, which means God’s children will be stepping into new ventures or being released from old ones.  Finally when looking at the number 18, that is the number 9, (which means blessing) times 2, which equals to DOUBLE BLESSINGS!!

We, as Christians,  are in for a WONDERFUL year!!   My husband and I were able to experience all three of these experiences right out of the gate!  My husband and I were released from a very difficult situation which had completely drained us financially, at times, strained our relationship and our interaction with others.  So we were able come back together in mind and spirit, therefore we once again had UNITY.  We were blessed with a NEW BEGINNING.  Finally, there have been blessed with increase, which was indeed a DOUBLE BLESSING!  What is even better, is the blessings are still coming!  Hallelujah!! God is so good!!

I would love to hear from some of you to hear and rejoice with you the UNITY, NEW BEGINNINGS and the DOUBLE BLESSINGS you are experiencing!!


Be Blessed,

Cindy Simpson ~ Hembree



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