Baseball Strategy Works In Spiritual Warfare

With perfect peace You will protect those                                                                            whose minds cannot be changed,                                                                                      because they trust You.                                                                                                              Trust the Lord always, because the Lord,                                                                              the Lord alone, is an everlasting rock.”

Isaiah 26:3-4

Last week was one of the oddest weeks since the year began.  To start off, Monday morning my husband and I awoke and found our sweet and smallest dog had passed away in the night.  I had a business meeting later in the morning, and we had a funeral to attend in the afternoon.  On Tuesday, our schedule consisted of a funeral we had to officiate in the afternoon and a dinner date we were to go to in the early part of the evening.  Rest assured, this was NOT a typical week!  We are praising the LORD our week did not end like it started.  However, I had a new daunting challenge awaiting me and to be executed the first part of this week.

In 2015 my family on both sides and I had a year that will always be embedded in our minds.  Both my husband and I had losses that were extremely close to us right at the beginning of the year.  Immediately after these events, I had to have back surgery.   In the second quarter of the year I lost an aunt, three classmates and my mother.  My husband lost two classmates, a long time friend, his dad and his cousin/best friend at the end of the year.  On New Year’s Eve I was in the hospital having a hysterectomy.  In between all of this, I had to travel by car to three different cities for business purposes.  Each trip caused me to be absent from my home for at least a week.  In addition, being pastors, we also had the usual concerns along the way.  It was a year I will NEVER forget, and would not want to repeat.

Several people,  who knew of or watched us go through that turbulent year, told us, many times, they did not know how we got through that year.  There was only one answer we could give them.  “The Lord helped us through it all because we kept our focus.”  We did not allow our circumstances to shake us.  That is one of the devil’s biggest weapons.  DISTRACTIONS.   When I was young, I was on the local softball team.  Once I was called up to bat, the spectators supporting the opposing team would start chanting, “Hey batter, batter, swing batter.”  They were trying to get me to take my focus off the ball and LISTEN to their taunting words.  This was done with the hope I would swing at the ball before the time was right to actually hit it.  Many times, their trickery worked, but when I really kept my concentration on the ball, I was able to hit it at the precise moment.  I have to laugh because I’m sure if you spoke to my old team mates, from that time, they would tell you that did not happen very often.

One thing I did learn from my softball experience is this strategy works when it comes to trials that we go through in life, and using it in spiritual warfare.  If my husband and I had not kept looking to the Lord during that turbulent year, we would have fallen apart at the seams.  All the pressures of our family obligations, being able to be strong for our flock through their trials, losing our loved ones, recuperating from surgeries and overcoming physical challenges, and all the traveling would have been too overwhelming.  Just carrying out even the simplest of daily tasks could have brought us to the point of dismay, at that time.  But because we did not allow our focus to grow fuzzy, the Lord did, indeed, keep us in perfect peace.   If you look at Isaiah 26:5-7, it says that God can take the biggest problem of oppression and knock it down to rubble and it will be under our feet.  And Proverbs 18:10 tells us the Lord is a strong tower and when we are in trouble we can run to HIM and we will be safe.   So the LORD still comes shining through.

Has there ever been a time that the enemy tried to shake your foundation of faith?  We would love to hear about it.

Maybe you are dealing with a difficult time now.  We would be happy to put our prayer team on point.  If you are going through some trials right now, you can e-mail or call us and we will be happy to speak with you.   Just go to our contact page to get the information you need to notify us.

Be Blessed,

Cindy Simpson~Hembree





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