Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:6

How and why do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Many people go bar hopping, and I have to laugh, because ALMOST EVERYONE claims they are Irish on this day.   I seen many men use this to their advantage as they solicit kisses from woman on their t-shirts merely because they are proclaiming to be of Irish heritage.  (The t-shirts boast the motto “Kiss me, I’m Irish).  I find it strange I’ve never seen those type of t-shirts on people at a Oktoberfest claiming to have German ancestry.  Or even on someone with a Hispanic background at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  This is the biggest mystery to me, because people with a Latin heritage are noted to be the most passionate of all the nationalities on the face of the earth.

Oh well, I feel I am getting off course of the message today.  That’s okay, I am just having fun, and I hope you are laughing with me.  Getting back on track, I DO have some Irish heritage, and our  mother did make a little bit of a “to do” about this holiday when we were young children.  She would even do her best to teach us the familiar accent the Irish are known for.  Now,  as an adult, my husband and I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by cooking the traditional meal of corned beef with potatoes and cabbage.  Many times we have shared it with our church family.

One year I was very fortunate.  I was able to go to Denver and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in a way I felt the Lord was leading me.  I went to the heart of the city to a place called 16th Street Mall.  There were people of all different genres.  Many of them were at various pubs with outdoor bistro tables.  There were several panhandlers singing and playing their guitars.   Lots of street and homeless people were sitting along the sidewalk and on the sides of buildings enjoying the sunny warm weather.  It was lovely.  I was passing out “Chick tracs” to everyone with whom I came into contact.  I prayed for several of the people who would allow me to do so.  I even ran into a couple of groups who were doing the same thing I was doing.  At one point, we all joined forces and began laying hands on and praying for people who were coming up to us.  They were wanting what we had to offer.  What we had to offer was God’s love, a message of hope and the presence of the Lord in their lives.   I believe that was my favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory to date.

St. Patrick was never actually canonized, nor was he Irish, but to the people who watched him work and saw all that he did for the citizens of Ireland, he was revered and considered a saint.  I believe that is how the Lord would have wanted it.  In God’s eyes, we are all saints who love and faithfully trust Him (Psalm 31:23).  St. Patrick brought 135,000 Irish men, women and children to the Lord; He helped build 300 churches; and he simplified the teaching of the Holy Trinity by using the three-leaf clover so everyone could understand it.  Putting God, the Father at the top,  Jesus, the Son, to the right, and the Holy Spirit to the left.  He taught the importance of being a witness for Christ, but most of all acknowledging the presence of the Lord in one’s life.

As Christians, saints, children of God, or whatever we like to consider our perception of what we are to the Lord, we should be doing the same.  We don’t have to go to far away lands to be missionaries.  We can be a missionary in our own neighborhood.  Or if you would rather, you could go to the next city or town on a Saturday afternoon or Friday night when/where you know you will encounter lots of people.  But make sure it is the Lord ordering your steps.  It is important to have God direct your path, because when you try to go on your own accord, you could stumble and this could cause you to be sheepish about going out again.  Step out on your faith, but be certain the Lord is going with you.  I have done it both ways, with and without Him.  When the Lord ordained the mission, it was an absolute dream; when I went out on my own, it was a NIGHTMARE!  So, if you go out witnessing this weekend, I would not want that to be the case with anyone else.

!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!  Have a grand time tis weekend !!

Be Careful and Be Blessed,

Cindy Simpson~Hembree

Bible Verse for St. Patrick's Day




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