Are You Wearing The Appropriate Attire – Part 4

           “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him?                  but we have the mind of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 2:16

Have you ever come upon an unexpected and frantic situation and it demanded that you make a snap decision, but you were in total confusion and had no idea what to do?  Of course you have.  How did you feel when it happened?  Were you frazzled?  Did you make a wrong judgement call?  Just by happenstance did you do the right thing?  Like most of us, the first thought is to go seek or call for help.  However, there have been times, for some of us who have been in circumstances, when there was no way or no one to call or seek. Here’s a great example of this type of dilemma – In 2009, I worked for a newspaper.  My title was staff writer and editor assistant.  My secretary was acting kind of funny on Friday before she left work.  The following Monday when I arrived at work early as I usually did.  No one was at work yet, the telephone was ringing. Upon answering, my editor was telling me no one was coming into work.  They were tired of the owners, and they were starting their own newspaper.  He told me to leave the keys on the desk and come and join them.  My husband was set to have surgery in two days.  I did not have a peace about what they were doing.  I tried to call the main office, but no one was there to answer the phone.  What was I to do?  It took me a few minutes to collect my thoughts.  Then the answer came to me.  DO YOUR JOB!  

I went out to find the stories; I answered the telephone; I type set the articles.  I held the office together; and when I was done, I went to the main office and took care of the business there, too.  The days were long and the pay was not that great but I did my best.  I was able to keep it together, plus take care of my husband’s needs in between my trips in and out, back and forth, around and bout.  Many people wondered how I was able to hold my pace and still keep my sanity.  It was nothing but God and I had on my Helmet of Salvation.  It helped me to think clearly; organize my schedule; rationalize the truth from the lies; not slip into a total mental breakdown.  Remember, 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 tells us that the WEAPONS of our Warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. They cast down VAIN imaginations.  Because I was able to hold on to that, I was able to keep my mind focused on the Lord and know that He was going me to pull through the turbulent time.  I kept seeking the Lord when there were conflicts of time slots or the owners were not available for consultation.  There were some nights I would not get to come home until midnight and have to get up at 5:00 the next morning and go again.  I knew in my heart, mind and spirit this trial would pass. Three months later, we had a new editor, and I was set free from the chaos.

So, if you are going through a big trial and your head is spinning, make sure you wear the Helmet of Salvation.  It will totally help you keep your sanity.  As you just read, I know this from a first hand basis.

Be blessed,

Cindy Simpson~Hembree






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