Avoiding “Friendly Fire”

“Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments. 

You know they cause quarrels.“

2 Timothy 2:23

 Have you ever been watching a news program and heard that a soldier has been killed by friendly fire?  In case you are not savvy, the term is used for someone who has been attacked by a person in their own company.  That would be so odd when you think about it.  However, if you were to look at this subject from a spiritual perspective, these types of attacks happen a million times a day!!  Does that sound crazy or even outrageous?  It isn’t.  As a matter of fact, the number of times it happens may be gravely understated.  Right now, I am sure I have you baffled, but continue reading and it will all come together.

Friendly fire happens when a wife and her husband argue about leaving the cap off of the toothpaste.  It can also take place when she steps into the bathroom and finds the toilet paper turned in the wrong direction. Two people may be traveling in a car together , but the person in the driver’s seat makes a wrong turn.  It doesn’t take long until the bickering begins. This is a form of “friendly fire” that is carried out every day. The reason for the discord may seem trivial and trite, but these quarrels happen so often, it is extremely hard to keep track.

This is the type of assault the Bible tells us that can be avoided if we stay away from such petty confrontations.  Some of us are so critical about some issues.  My husband and his family had the unfortunate task of witnessing an argument between my mother and I.  The trifling issue was whether an earlier even had happened at 3:12 or 3:15 in the afternoon.  This type of discord is not pleasing to the Lord!  It is nearly unthinkable!  Before David became King, he had to ward off attacks from King Saul only because he became jealous. Do we really want to hurt and injure people we love over such harmless issues?  Living in turmoil over such petty issues is ludicrous!  Pick your battles over such trivial matters.  God desires us to live in peace and love one another.  Forget the “friendly fire” and think carefully before you decide to make such a big issue about such tiny matters.

Be Blessed,

Cindy Simpson~Hembree

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